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the no holds barred journal...not yet rated for audiences.

it is what it is, until it was.

24 August 1977
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What the hell do you ever write about yourself in these things....? Uuuuhhhmm...I'm confusing, loud, sensitive, artistic, creative, energetic, musician, skate/snow/wake boarder...I like music, love music, need more music...educator for a living, digital imaging geek...I basically build the matrix and teach others how to do the same...photoshop, photoshop, photoshop!!!

Other than that, I like being social, I love the woman in my life, did I mention I love music, and I've learned that my friends are worth more than anything that exists on this planet.

I guess the only last thing I would say is I like to seek out bands who want to share their music, stop stealing from the big corporate rockers because there are a million bands out there that want you to take their music and share...that's art...not profitable business!